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March 28, 2013

Gardening Apps

Category: General – Robert – 4:25 pm

The New York Times did a review of gardening apps.  You might give a quick read.  I find them more trouble than they are worth, but beginning gardeners and gadget lovers might find them useful.

Not much new this week in the garden.  Beans are growing fast.  Sugar snaps are still yielding but the end is in sight.  Have started some cucumbers in pots to replace the peas along the fence.  Tomatoes are doing great.  Some of the cherry tomatoes will probably be ready to pick in 10 days.  A little angst this week on whether or not to cover them.  We did not and the temperature here never broke 40.

Planted some more fennel seed.  It may be a little late but fennel stands the hot weather reasonably well.  My grandson wanted to plant some potatoes.  I think it is too late but we planted a few anyhow.  My grandfather always said to plant potatoes on Washington’s birthday (Feb 22 for those of you that know only President’s Day) I could not find seed potatoes but bought some fall raised potatoes at the Farmers Market.  The vendor told me that he plants potatoes February 1.  The warmer weather means we can and should start planting earlier than historical recommendations.  Store potatoes are often sprayed with sprouting inhibitors—giving you some more chemicals to ingest.

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