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July 28, 2013

Recap of Spring Houston Vegetable Garden

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The spring crops are all finished now except cucumbers and eggplants.  Of course, the later planted okra is still going well.  Eggplants slow down in the hot weather but will likely start producing in the fall.  We planted purple hull peas to replace the beans and in some of the open spots:

Cucumbers have really produced.  We were out of town for a while and look at the size of the Suyo Long! SwithCucumberBoth the Straight 8 and Suyo Long have produced well but the quality of the Straight 8 has been mixed. Next year we will go with the Suyo Long (an English type cucumber despite its name). May look into some other “regular” cucs as well.

The green beans were outstanding.  All of the vegetables benefited from the cool early spring weather.  Romanos produced well but not as long as Derby.  However, they have a different flavor and added variety.  We raised pinto beans as green beans when I was a kid.  I really liked their more pungent flavor.  The Romanos are a bit like that.

Tomatoes were all good.  The only one I would not plant again is Marglobe.  Moneymaker made a huge vine and produced well.  At first we thought the flavor might be lacking but later production turned out well.  I did not realize that it would vine to the extent it did and next time I will use a 6 foot fence for it.  Sweet Treat, Orange Paruhle and Juliet were all good cherry tomatoes with Sweet Treat winning the prize.  Will plant it in the fall garden.

The Hansel eggplant has had much more fruit than the others but it is so skinny that it is hard to use it in some of our favorite eggplant recipes.

The Tuscan kale just will not stop.  It keeps sprouting back and producing more.  The late planted fennel did not work out very well.

Time to start planning for the fall Houston vegetable garden!

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