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February 3, 2014

Getting Ready for Spring Garden

Category: General – Robert – 4:50 pm

It has been quite a cold winter, but it is time to get ready for the spring Houston vegetable garden.  I planted tomatoes under the grow light on January 2.  Varieties this year:  Merced, Celebrity, Sweet Treat, Juliet and Blonde Kopfchen. I got some Orange Paruche seed but forgot to plant them.  I found 3 seed in an old package of Merced and planted them and got one to come up.  It is the best full size tomato that I have grown here; but the seed are no longer available.  I also planted some Fourth of July but probably too late.  It has done well in test gardens here.  It matures very early—always a plus here.  Next year I also want to try Mountain Magic.  It is reputed to be better than Celebrity.

Next up is potatoes.  My grandfather always said to plant them on Washington’s birthday (February 22 for those of you that know only Presidents Day), but warmer weather of recent years has resulted in people planting them earlier.  I am shooting for February 15.

In other garden news, the sugar snap peas are starting to climb.  Beautiful crop of cauliflower is now ready and broccoli that the varmints did not eat is producing.  Great lettuce this year also.

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