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About This Blog

My name is Robert Hermes.  I have an organic backyard garden in the medical center area of Houston, Texas. I grew up on a subsistance farm and have raised vegetables all my life, except for the 8 years I spent in college and the 4 years we lived in central London.  The blog will give short observations on gardening vegetables, fruits and berries in Houston.  I am not a horticulturist by profession; these are just my experiences, not expert advice.

Several years ago as I began retiring from my career as head of an international energy consulting firm, I decided to take the Organic Gardening Series offered by Urban Harvest each year.  I adoped the methods taught in the class and have much greater success than with the old methods using commercial fertilizer, pesticides, etc.  Not only is the method better, it is also easier–no tilling, spading and spraying. 

The picture on the far right in the header explains why postings will be scarce in the summer.  It is the view from our place in Montana where we spend most of the summer.  My summer garden here will more or less be managed by my son and daughter.  It will be mainly peas, orka and herbs and the tail end of the tomatoes.  I will do a lot of mulching with newspapers with native mulch or alfalfa to control weeds.

Your comments are valuable to help everyone interested in growing fruits and vegetables in Houston.  I will moderate comments, but they should be posted fairly quickly.  Regular contributors will given author status.  I am especially interested in the experience you have in growing various varieties.  There are so many varieties available from seed catalogues, but a lot of them will not do well here.  However, often the less promoted varieties are the ones that grow well in Houston and the most hyped are ideal for New Jersey but will not do well here.