Houston Vegetable Garden – Growing vegetable gardens in Houston

Vegetable Garden Layout

Here is a simplified diagram of my old Houston vegetable garden layout. It is now been replaced by since my daughter bought the house. A swimming pool is now where the garden was and the garden is two large planter boxes made from kits. The layout shown is a good example on how to layout an urban garden so I am leaving it on the site.

The beds (in brown) are about 4 feet wide and the interior walkways (in gray) are about 20 inches, just wide enough to get my wheelbarrow down them.  The width is chosen so that the all of the planting area can be reached from the walkways without stepping on the beds (a no-no).  The beds are raised approximately 8 inches above the walkway and the surrounding yard.  I had to install a French drain to get the interior walkways to drain properly.  The exterior walls are 8-inch retainer wall blocks from Lowe’s.  The are easy to install and look nicer than cheaper alternatives.  For the interior walls I used ChoiceDek, a Weyerhaeuser product made from recycled wood fiber and recycled plastics.  It is entirely inert and has not been treated with chemicals to prevent decay.  Re-bar is used to hold it in place.  It is quicker to install than the wall blocks and does not take up as much valuable garden space.  Naturally, treated lumber has no place in an organic garden.

Bob Randall’s book, “Year Round Vegetables, Fruits and Flowers for Metro Houston” gives a number of alternative designs and building materials.

The lattice fence at the top boundary is used as a visual shield from a work area behind it and as a support for growing climbing vegetables. The width is selected so that all of the bed can reached from the walkways without stepping on the planting area.

The far left boundary has a wood fence bordering my neighbor.  Kiowa blackberries are planted in the bed along the fence.